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Pruning Tree With Bucket Lift
Pruning Tree With Bucket Lift

Tree Pruning Meaning

This is the science of selectively cutting parts of a tree for a specific purpose, and in a certain way that minimizes damage to the tree. Proper pruning is part of the arboreal science of bringing a tree back to health or of increasing its fruit-bearing qualities. However, pruning can be a double-edged sword. The world-renowned arborist, Alex Shigo, said in 1989 that: “Pruning can be one of the best things you can do for a tree, and also one of the worst.”

Thankfully, most of the latest pruning trimming research has been incorporated into some basic industry standards for the tree care industry. The Approved American National Standard, ANSI A300 (Part 1)-2017 for Pruning was largely penned by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). This important standard outlaws practices which are harmful to trees. These include flush cuts, topping, hatting, hat-racking, lion-tailing and the use of climbing spurs/spikes, to name a few. The ANSI standard also provides examples of positive pruning objectives. And it highlights practical pruning methods that preserve the health of the tree.

For example, the pruning standard states that a maximum of 25% of a tree’s canopy should be removed in any one growing season. Needless to say, these ANSI standards form the foundation for our own internal training. In this way, it helps to provide a quality pruning service to our customers.

Our Range of Tree Pruning Services

As a tree pruning company, OC TreeWorx, we love to prune trees; your trees. We have had plenty of practice having pruned and trimmed trees in Orange County for more than 15 years under this company name. Our good reputation and happy customers have given us more than thirty (30) 5 Star online reviews on Google, Angie’s List and Yelp too. So your trees will be in safe hands.

Our local services in Orange County include:

  • We prune tree branches
  • We also prune fruit trees
  • Pruning young trees is also one of our tree services. This ensures young whips grow with the right structure e.g. with a single central leader rather than two weaker co-dominant stems. This is sometimes called structural pruning.
  • We’re well-known for pruning landscape trees too e.g. large oaks, pines.
  • In fact, we prune many different types of trees, even your fruit tree.

If you’re looking for an experienced tree trimming pruning service in Orange County, look no further than OC TreeWorx based in Anaheim.

The 6 Key Benefits of Pruning Trees

1. Aesthetics

It is possible to change the shape of your tree over successive rounds of modest pruning without harming it. At its simplest, shaping is done by removing dead, broken or crossing branches as well as those giving your tree an uneven appearance.

The ultimate expression of tree shaping is of-course the art of topiary. This is where complex shapes resembling identifiable forms such as animals and iconic shapes can be created from regular tree species. However, this is expensive as it requires constant maintenance. Tree shaping is best started when the tree is still young. This is because a tree less than 2 or 3 years old has more vigor and can heal over pruning wounds more readily.

2. Fecundity

Pruning can increase a tree’s fruit production in terms of both quantity and quality. This works by controlling growth, trimming away diseased or broken branches and encouraging the forming of blossom and fruit-bearing buds.

Pruning fruit trees properly can also reduce the incidence of biennial fruiting. This is when you get a bumper harvest one year and very little the next. By smoothing out fruit production, it is possible to reduce the incidence of branches over laden with fruit breaking off.

Advanced pruning techniques are required for espalier fruit fences. The same applies for the ancient practice of pleaching and other forms of arborisculpture.

3. Extend The Life Of Your Tree

Moderate and expert pruning holds the potential to extend the life of your tree. It’s clear that a tree’s health can at least be maintained by removing dead, damaged or infected branches. In this regard, preventing the further spread of decay is most useful.

Opening up the interior of the canopy to more sun and better air circulation can also reduce the build-up of invasive fungi, mildew and damp-loving tree pests. Judicious pruning can also encourage the growth of new, healthy leaves and branches. However, this benefit is highly dependent upon the skill of the pruner. Much harm can be done by random and/or over-zealous tree trimming.

Remember, pruning entails the deliberate wounding of a living plant. So there’s always a downside to this form of tree care. If in doubt, leave well alone and consult with local arborist before launching yourself up a tree with your pruning saw.

Pruning Tree By Hand

4. Reduce Risk of Harm or Damage

Careful pruning reduces the chances of accidents happening. For example, trees growing close to electrical power lines can create a massive short circuit and create an arc up to 10 feet. Fires and power outages can often result. However, trimming trees near power lines is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by untrained amateurs.

Lengthy branches hanging over your house also pose a threat if they fall off, say, in a storm. Some say that pruned trees are safer for property and individuals underneath. Yet an over-pruned tree can trigger the sprouting of epicormic shoots which create their own dangers. For example, this is what happens when the entire leafy canopy has been removed and the tree ‘expert’ has only left the trunk and some shortened large branches. When a tree has been ‘topped’ in this way, two problems arise:

  1. Weak and fleshy branches can grow from the large unprotected wounds. These epicormic shoots are only weakly attached to the main branch and do not have the same structural rigidity as an equivalent sized branch before ‘topping’. Therefore, these sprouting branches are much weaker and can fall more easily in inclement weather.
  2. The large wounds on the tree left behind by the untrained tree cutter are very slow to heal over. This allows the ingress of decay-forming fungi. The decay spreads to the core of the trunk and main branches right at the point where the newly grow and weak branches form. This compounds the problem and sooner or later, the tree dies after it becomes even more of a hazard to passers-by and cars and buildings lying below such trees.

5. Increase Survivability of Newly-Planted Trees

Freshly-planted trees should be pruned to compensate for root loss during the planting process. In our view it’s probably not time to begin training the tree for shape with one possible exception. This is where two branches of roughly equal length sprout from the central stem. This branch structure can cause problems later from the inherently weak, narrow ‘crotch’ at the juncture of the two co-dominant branches. Therefore, trimming away one of these branches in a young tree can help encourage a strong branch structure.

6. Better fight Insect and other infestations

Regular pruning is good for the health of a tree.  Carefully pruning infected branches can help to prevent infestations from travelling to other unaffected areas of the tree. Dead branches should also be trimmed away as they are susceptible to insects and invasive fungus infections. 

We do not advocate using wound paint (prune sealer) on the remaining cut surface. This is because research shows wound paint can inhibit the healing process whereby the cambium and bark grow over the wound. Instead, follow best practice pruning techniques and if you can’t do this, then leave the work to OC TreeWorx’ certified arborist.

An advantage of engaging an arborist is that ‘a stitch in time saves time’. He can identify other health issues with your tree especially if the infected area of tree cannot be easily trimmed away. So save your tree, invite an arborist into your yard. A visit could cost less than a hundred dollars. But our arborist could identify ways to save your beautiful mature tree worth upwards of $10,000 (says the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers).

Is Pruning A Tree The Same As Trimming It?

There is some obvious overlap between the two. They both involve cutting trees. However, the difference is seen when you consider that there is much field research into pruning trees and relatively fewer studies into tree trimming.

From this, pruning trees is becoming a science even though some areas still require study. In straightforward terms, you would trim a tree to remove a low-hanging branch that was obstructing a road or path. Conversely, pruning tree techniques (as broadly covered by this Wikipedia article) can be used to ensure the branch that needs trimming was removed in a way that does not cause long term damage to the tree.

Pruning Tip – When Is The Best Time of Year To Prune A Tree?

A good time would be when the tree is dormant and insect activity is low. This means late autumn and winter months in USA i.e. after deciduous trees have shed their leaves for the year. A benefit is that the arborist is better placed to see dead, decaying, crossing branches and those competing with the main leader branch. These are a priority for pruning attention.

However, bear in mind that each tree is different. Palm trees, for example should not be trimmed in the dead of winter. It’s best to leave their skirt of dead leaves attached in order to keep the trunk insulated from desiccating winds. The best time to prune palm trees is Spring/late Spring as discussed on our service page here.

Call to talk to one of our certified arborists to come and look at your trees and explain details of our pruning service if you are in any doubt. We’ll give you a FREE estimate before any work commences.

Tree Pruning Cost

This can vary tremendously according to the number of trees, their size and species. Charges for customers by good tree service providers for pruning trees are broadly similar to trimming trees. Pruning costs can also depend heavily on the nature of the underlying pruning objective. Nevertheless, check out OC TreeWorx’ average and approximate costs for pruning small, medium and large trees in these paragraphs on tree trimming costs.

So call us, your Orange County tree pruner expert to get your FREE trimming pruning quote. Our number is (714) 627-4426. Or click any blue on this page if viewing this on a mobile device. This will put our number in your dialer automatically. We’ll give you our pruning cost per hour or a flat sum that’s both competitive and affordable.

We can offer low pruning prices because we always have the rights skills, experience and the best tool for cutting tree branches at our disposal. For example, the tools range from the latest pruning saw to telescopic tree pruning tools such as a pole saw and even an extendable bucket lift to reach the higher branches that need cutting.

Tree Cutting Can Do More Harm Than Good

Urban canopies are important but are under constant threat as a result of their urban existence and from untrained tree trimmers. Based on an analysis of 11 field studies, the average lifespan of an urban tree sited near streets is between 19 and 28 years. Form the same study, the annual mortality rate is 3.5-5.1%.

“Topping large trees is not pollarding, it is a crime against nature”

Alex Shigo, 2008

The threat from poorly trained, profit-oriented tree cutters is twofold:

1st Threat

1. The amount that is trimmed from any one tree often results in topping where large branches are cut wholesale to a more or less uniform length resulting in a severely denuded tree. Without leaves, the tree cannot produce food for growth and defense against pests and disease; its stores deplete rapidly over a few seasons. The profusion of cuts into the inner physiology of the tree results in the ingress of fungi. This, in turn, results in decay of the main stems and the trunk which severely weakens the tree.

2nd Threat

2. The second problem comes in the type of cut made. Often, ‘flush cuts’ are made where the complete branch is sliced very close to the main stem. This damages the branch collar meaning the tree has trouble healing over the wound created by the flush cut. The famous tree biologist Alex Shigo conducted extensive field research into various trimming pruning practices in the mid 1980’s. He advocated a sloping cut where the branch collar was preserved. This can help the tree heal over the wound much more readily. Consequently, the invasion of fungi into the main branch or trunk can be halted sooner and decay lessened.

Conversely, thinning or trimming trees using acceptable pruning methods will keep trees healthy, safe and beautiful. We have the 20 years’ experience, training, pruning skills and the right equipment to prune or trim your trees and cause minimal harm whilst doing so.

Call us at the number highlighted below for an appointment and FREE quote.

Tree Pruning Service Near Me?

Yes, If you live in Orange County, Southern California. So if you’re looking for a professional and affordable tree pruning trimming service locally, we have you covered and are happy to serve you in any city, neighborhood or community in Orange County, California.

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