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Tree Trimming Services Range

Tree trimming is the practical task of removing dead, diseased or dangerous branches. It’s done for the health of the tree. It also keeps safe people and property around the tree. A 5 Star tree trimming service by OC Treeworx trim trees like this:

– Safely
– So that the $ value of your trees and property incr
– Without compromising the health of your tree
– At the right time of year for your tree type
– With the right, clean equipment

– At the best price for customers

We also provide ‘aesthetic’ tree trimming. This improves ground level visibility and longer range views, for instance.

Moreover, our range of tree trimming services is listed below:

Professional Tree Trimming

To improve the long-term viability of your tree, we limit tree cutting to no more than 20-25% of your tree’s leaf area per year. This is because we follow ANSI-A300 American Standards. We are not a tree-topping service as this practice usually kills your tree within 5-7 years. Topping also forces the tree to grow weak branches that are poorly attached to the tree. These are the reasons why we do not top trees.

Professional Tree Pruning

Pruning is similar to trimming. Pruning often applies to fruit trees. However, fruit tree pruning requires specialist knowledge and experience. For example, careful pruning is required to prevent biennial fruiting in your tree. Although the differences may be subtle, we have created a separate pruning service page to provide more information about this service.

Oak Tree Trimming

We trim any trees. However, Orange County is home to 5 native oak species. For instance, these are Scrub Sierra Live Oak, Mesa Oak, Scrub Oak, California Live Oak, and Golden Cup Oak (Mountain Live Oak). We prune these special trees in the dormant winter months because to do otherwise will damage the tree’s condition and development.

Expert Palm Trimming

Our professional palm trimming service is described separately here. This is because it’s a specialized tree service area.

4 Reasons To Choose OC Treeworx

We’re ideally suited to look after the trees of residential and business customers in Orange County, California. Why? Because we are professional tree trimmers. For example, our service is special in 4 ways:

1. Five Star Tree Service

Firstly, our customer’s satisfaction with our tree trimming service is absolutely paramount. In other words, we like to give great results at modest costs to our clientele. So we’re delighted to share 21 of the 36 Five Star reviews from happy customers. In addition, there are 16 more, verified, online Five Star reviews on Google.

2. We Increase the $ Value of Your Trees and Property

We can help you maximize the value of your property. This achieved by offering a professional and affordable trimming service for your larger trees that always complies with ANSI A300 -2017 Pruning standards. This prioritizes the long-term health of your tree. It means your trees’ condition will only improve over time, enhancing its beauty and financial benefits for your home’s value. More on this below.

3. Provide Customers Great Value For Money Trimming Service

Many of our Google Reviews highlight the value we provide our customers in Orange County, California. So call us for an affordable trimming price. We have an approximate price guide below. But its best you call for an accurate number that applies to your specific tree.

4. Impeccable Credentials and Experience

We have more than 20 years’ trimming expertise in southern California behind us. We have an arborist on our staff too. Needless to say, we are fully insured to cover any unplanned mishaps. OC TreeWorx is also Licensed & Bonded. Our Contractors State License Board (CSLB) Number is CSLB 845189.

Properly Trimmed Trees Make A Big Difference

The trees in your yard are more valuable than you think. For instance, USDA Forest Service say that healthy mature trees will boost your home value by around 10%. So a property without any trees could be appraised at a value of, say, $325,000. But with a few full-sized trees transplanted in the yard, its value will climb to around $357,000. And the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers agree. They say that each large, healthy specimen is worth between $1,000 and $10,000, for example. Curb appeal truly sells!

But Your Trees Must Be Well-Maintained

From our 20 years’ experience of trimming trees the right way, these optimistic numbers only apply when the trees look healthy and are well maintained. Moneysense agrees. They report that the ability of a tree to add significantly to a home’s resell worth is mostly reliant upon their health, condition and shape i.e. how well they are looked after.

So a badly-trimmed tree will detract from a property’s sale value. So always choose an experienced, licensed tree trimmer like OC Treeworx.

When Do Your Trees Need Trimming?

If you see any of the following problems with your trees, then call us without delay:

  • Tree branches growing too near to electrical power lines
  • Your tree grows out in rough shape
  • Tree limbs are touching property walls
  • Tree covering the view from your windows
  • Overhanging tree is triggering the neighbor to grumble
  • Dropping dead branches
  • No-one Your tree has not been trimmed for ages
  • Too many leaves falling into your pool

Call us by clicking on one of the orange buttons on this page. Once you call, we can arrange to give you a FREE tree trimming service estimate.

Tree Trimming Service Cost

OC Treeworx is one of Orange County’s best tree service providers. Consequently, we can trim any tree small or large, deciduous or evergreen. But the varied nature of the work means that we cannot give out a price list. Nevertheless, we promise an affordable tree trimming cost for our customers. As a result, you’ll want to use our trimming service over and over.

So call us and explain the trimming work you need. After that, we’ll give you a quick price guide over the phone. It’s easy.

On the other hand, we have have reviewed our customer invoices for tree cutting and pruning. Our review covers the last 3 years. As a result, we set out the average price guide below. The graphic shows what we have charged in the past for trimming small, medium and large trees. It indicates what we might charge you for trimming your tree.

Trimming Price Range in Orange County, CA

Our average tree trimming service cost is $495

This number is specific to our service area in Orange County, CA. And remember that our average trimming costs include removal of all tree debris.

The amount you pay for us to trim your trees varies. It depends on the size of your tree and other factors. However, the following price ranges may be useful. Moreover, the more trees you have to be trimmed, the lower the cost per tree.

Average Cost To Trim A Small Tree

  • 10’-30’ (Small) Tree: from $285 to $410
    So average paid by customer per small tree is: $370

Mean Cost To Trim A Medium Tree

  • 30’-60’ (Medium) Tree: from $360 to $770
    Therefore, average cost paid for a medium-size tree is: $545

Average Cost To Trim A Large Tree

  • Tree More Than 60’ Tall: from $520 to $1365
    So average trimming cost for a large tree paid is: $710

December 2020 (based on last 3-year average price paid)

There are many factors affecting any one 3tree trimming estimate. So best call us for your particular tree. After that, we can give you an individual quotation, FREE of charge.

Tree Trimming Services Near Me

Our service area covers all of Orange County and Corona to Riverside. Accordingly, your property should be found in one of the cities or areas listed below. If so, click on the orange button above to call us.

Southern Californian Cities We Serve

OC TreeWorx is based in Anaheim but we will trim your trees in any city within Orange County. From Aliso Viejo to Yorba Linda, all cities are included and no communities are excluded from our tree trimming service.

OC TreeWorx serves customers throughout Orange County, CA