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There is no official defining statement for ‘tree cutting’. However, we know it has a very broad meaning. The term is used in common parlance when referring to the cutting of single or several trees. The indiscriminate cutting of trees at scale can even mean deforestation. Many native tree species in Orange County are at risk when the profit motive runs rampant and controls are lax.

At the other end of the scale, even carving one’s initials into tree bark declaring undying affection for another can be regarded as cutting into a tree. So it’s fair to assume that this short phrase includes all tree-felling activities whether:
  – authorized or unauthorized; or
  – beneficial or harmful to trees; or
  – provided as a service to paying customers or not.

Even so, many property-owners still look for this all-encompassing expression to help maintain, trim or remove their trees. The problem they face is how can they chose local tree cutters wisely. Will the cutters they hire do the job professionally without harming tree or property?

Local Tree Cutters in Orange County

Cutting trees by untrained practitioners or unlicensed tree service companies can result in a tree that has its leaf canopy removed altogether. This places the tree under severe stress. The tree reacts by throwing out fast-growing fleshy shoots which are insecurely attached to the cut end of the branch. As a result, harmful and counter-productive cutting practices such as lion-tailing, topping, lopping and hat-racking have been outlawed by many municipalities and city boards across U.S.A.

On the other hand, trained, certified, insured and licensed tree cutters can have an entirely benign impact on the urban forest as a whole and to owner’s individual trees, specifically.

Choosing a Good Tree Cutter

A certified arborist, for example, will only trim a tree to a high standard. The specific written standard in this case is covered by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A-300 (Tree Pruning). ANSI A-300 stipulates that a maximum of 25% of a tree’s canopy should be removed in any one growing season. Their guidance also includes that climbing spikes should not be used under any circumstances when trimming a tree.

Similarly, professional tree service businesses will only remove a tree if absolutely necessary. A tree health assessment can reveal the overall condition of a tree, the extent of any hollow voids in the trunk and its chances of falling over in the next stiff breeze.

The Best Tree Cutter Company in Orange County

Whilst cutting trees includes a multitude of sins, only the best companies will be licensed, bonded, insured and have trained and certified staff on its payroll. This limits the scope of their commercial activities only to those which are absolutely necessary, benign in intent or those which will benefit your tree in the long run.

Why not choose OC TreeWorx? It is one of the best, if not THE best, tree felling companies in Orange County? As a business, we have looked after residential and business customers in all major cities of the County of Orange for more than 15 years. The owner spent a further 5 years in California learning about the industry and looking after customers’ trees. Our track record is supported by more than 30 verified five (5) Star Reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List. Here’s proof of the twelve 5 Stars reported on Google.

Don’t cut corners, choose the best.

Cost of Cutting Down A Tree in Southern California

Publishing a price list for our tree services is not practical due to the number of variables affecting price. Each tree is different (size/species) and in a unique location to mention just two obvious differences we see from site to site.

We can assure customers that our prices will always be as fair and reasonable as possible. Again, our positive customer reviews support the value we give them. In this way, the tree experts at OC TreeWorx are always worth a call.

Average Prices

We looked at our tree trimming and removal invoices over the last 3 years and worked out the average cost of trimming and cutting down small, medium and large trees, respectively. Here are the results. The tree removal cost examples are inclusive of everything except stump removal.

Small Tree 10’-30’ Tall

Average small tree removal price paid by customer per tree: $325
Average small tree trimming price paid by customer per tree: $370

Medium-Sized Tree 30’-60’ Tall

Average price of removing a medium-height tree is: $665
Average trimming cost paid for a medium-size tree $545

More than 60’ High

Average cost of removing a large tree paid by customer is $985
Average large tree trimming cost paid by customer $710

Wide range of prices for cutting individual trees

These average prices are only indicative and cannot be relied upon for your particular tree due to the many unknown variables such as species, location, trunk circumference, disease, accessibility etc. There is a wide price range underlying the average numbers listed above. The cost ranges for trimming the 3 sizes of tree is detailed separately here. Similarly, the average prices ranges for removing each tree size are outlined here.

Beware of ‘Fly-by-Night’ Operators

Remember that an untrained, unlicensed and uninsured tree cutter can have a devastating effect on your tree. When comparing quotes, please bear in mind that saving a few hundred dollars in the short run on an unlicensed or inexperienced cutter often creates problems; issues that require many multiples of the initial saving to put right.

Tree Cutting Techniques

As we know, cutting trees covers a broad church of activities. However, In terms of a tree service business, the two main sets of commercial techniques used fall within:

1). Tree cutting removal and
2). Tree Trimming
3). Tree Pruning

The 8 tree removal techniques are summarized in this section of our tree removal service page here (it’ll open up separately).

We only perform approved tree trimming techniques which include:

    – crown thinning
– structural pruning
    – crown cleaning
– tree restoration (after a storm)
    – crown reduction
– vista pruning
    – crown raising   
    – espalier pruning
    – pollarding (definitely not topping!)

As you can see, OC TreeWorx’ tree services are extensive. Our removal and trimming skills and techniques are applied to all popular tree varieties found in Orange County. Large trees, small trees, evergreen trees, pine and palm trees are all within the tree services we offer. Our palm removal service is detailed here, in fact. Our solid 5 Star track record with customers confirms our expertise.

Cutting Difficult Trees

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) of the US Dept. of labor offers special advice for felling difficult trees. We rely on this type of safety training, our 20 years’ experience and our certifications to remove tricky trees in marginal situations for OC customers.

Cutting Machinery

There is no one cutting machine that can execute all aspects of our craft. Of-course, our cutting tools include a well-maintained selection of chainsaw machines. We also deploy manual pruning saws for fine trimming work and climbing gear to reach higher branches and fronds. OC TreeWorx has invested heavily in chipping machinery and bucket lifts to improve efficiency and reduce time spent on site. We also offer crane-assisted tree removal for certain jobs where we can save time, money and damage to property.

Each tool is thoroughly cleaned after use to ensure that any infectious diseases are not spread to your trees when working on them.

Tree Cutting Service Near Me?

Absolutely ‘Yes’, If You Live In Orange County.

Orange County Cities We Serve: All of them. Web search engines don’t like us to list them all out but we have proudly done so on this page until recently. So whether you reside in Buena Park or Irvine (in any Orange County, in fact), the guys at OC TreeWorx will cut your trees safely, professionally and affordably.

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