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– How To Get The Most Affordable Tree Removal Estimate
– Fully Insured Service
– Will My Home Insurance Cover The Cost Of Tree Removal?

Your tree is leaning over your home ..or it’s diseased ..or it’s in the way of a new deck ..or it’s slowly but surely destroying your home’s footings.

Be honest, you’re worried about how much to cut down a tree. And you’re seriously thinking about having a go at the removal yourself. That’s a very scary DIY project, indeed. Please do one thing for me and check ‘Tree Removal Fails’ on YouTube. You’ll witness countless poor souls and properties perishing at the hands of physics and ineptitude. And it doesn’t make comfortable viewing, for sure.

Hang on! I thought this was about getting a reasonably low tree removal estimate! You’re right but now you’ve hesitated because the risk of a large hospital bill is higher than you thought. Hopefully, by now you have very little appetite to climb an unstable, extendable 40-foot ladder with a dangerous chainsaw.

We’re back on track. You want to hire a professional tree removal company such as OC TreeWorx to fell and take away your tree for you. Just so long as the price is right, correct? By the way, our tree removal service is detailed here so you know why more than 30 OC customers have rated our service with 5 stars on major review sites.

Having also explored any necessary tree removal permits, your attention now swings to what kind of budget you might need to remove your tree safely.

For Whom We Remove Trees

We do a lot of tree work for the following types of customers in all cities, districts and suburbs in Orange County, Southern California:
      – home-owners
      – business owners
      – land owners
      – homeowner associations (HOA’s)
      – property management firms
      – property developers
      – municipal and state government clients

Tree Removal Prices

The following graphic shows the average cost of tree removal for small, medium and large trees in cities across Orange County, southern California. These cities include Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Lawrenceville, Westminster and Costa Mesa. It covers our tree removal customer invoices per tree for the last 3 years.

Average Cost To Remove A Tree in Orange County CA

The Average Cost of Tree Removal Services in Orange County, CA is $765.

This includes chipping and removal of all tree debris. Stump removal by stump grinding will be extra in most cases.

The average cost to remove a tree depends on the size of your tree and several other factors as we’ll share in the next paragraphs. Yet, here is a guide to prices by size just so you have a general idea.

  • 10’-30’ Tall: $150 – $445
    Average small tree removal price paid by customer per tree: $325

  • 30’-60’ Tall: $375 – $850
    Average medium tree removal price paid by customer $665

  • More than 60’: $680 – $1800
    Average cost of large tree removal paid by customer is $985

The best way to find the removal cost for your particular tree in your yard is to call us and we’ll be happy to detail a written quotation, free of charge.

Why Do Tree Removal Prices Vary? 7 Reasons

The average removal costs mentioned above reveal the wide variance in tree removal prices seen in different areas of Orange County CA. There are 7 main reasons why you may see a lower or higher average tree removal cost when we give you a free quotation for removing your specific tree:

  1. Tree Height – This is one of the principal factors that affects the cost of tree removal. The taller the tree, the more money it will take to remove it. Many tree removal companies bill on a price-per-foot basis. In a built-up area, a tall tree cannot just be cut from the base of the trunk. Once felled, the cut end may bounce up ear up and damage nearby buildings and the canopy can land on neighbor’s property and fences etc. In this urban scenario, it often needs a climbing tree expert or a bucket truck or even a crane in some cases to cut and lower each branch to the ground to eliminate the potential for damaged property. This attracts additional cost and is one of the main reasons why a tall tree costs more to fell and remove than a shorter example.

  2. The Tree Trunk Diameter At Chest Height – For a given height of tree, a wider trunk will indicate a much greater volume of wood and material that needs to be cut and hauled away. This naturally affects the time taken to complete the removal work which in turn means higher operational costs for OC TreeWorx.

  3. Tree Species – The wood of an oak tree is slow growing and dense. A pine tree of equal height grows much faster, will have a thinner trunk and is a much easier removal project by comparison. The pine tree will be priced lower than an oak of the same size.

  4. Tree Condition – A tree in poor condition will be weaker. The risks of breakage during removal will be higher, the weaker the tree. The cutting and hauling of such trees require additional safety measures to keep the job safe for operatives and customers alike. Where there’s a higher risk, through decay, pest infestation or disease, the costs tend to climb.

  5. Nearby Property or Hazards – If the tree to be removed is very near to your home or power lines or other utility lines, then the costs of removal will rise. Measures need to be taken to lower the risk of damage to nearby structures necessitating more time, equipment or manpower to finish the job safely.

  6. Emergencies Can Be More Expensive – Emergency tree removal prices are higher in most cases. Re-scheduling other tree work, employing skilled operators out-of-hours, bringing specialized equipment to handle trees in dangerous situations will naturally see emergency tree service prices rise. Prevention is better than cure and we will be glad to inspect potentially hazardous trees before they become and emergency and making them safe.
  7. Other Tree Services Included – Often customers need our tree trimming service as well as removal work. They get a better unit price per tree if we are asked to tackle several trees as one project.

How To Get The Most Affordable Tree Removal Estimate

We can deliver you a fair and reasonable estimate for the work involved in several ways:

a. By Phone – Just call us to talk through your tree problem. We can then ask relevant questions about your tree, its location, size and condition. We can give you a fair estimate over the phone. A firm price can be given once a visit has taken place, especially for larger trees or for those trees in hard-to-access locations.

b. By Photos – Send us photos of your trees and we’ll send you a tree removal estimate. Call us first by clicking on the blue button (for mobile phones), we’ll give you an email address to send the photos to. We’ll then email you an estimate.

c. By Visit – Call us by clicking on the blue button on this page and we’ll agree a time to visit your property. Once we assess your tree and have a good idea of all the variables, we’ll provide a firm tree removal quote. This visit is FREE of any charge.

Social Distancing

We recognize the need for social distancing and all our tree removals and estimates can be provided on a zero contact basis. This protects you, our customer, and also our workers from transmission of any viruses or pathogens.

Fully Insured Service

OC TreeWorx is fully bonded and licensed and insured for all tree work in Orange County. This means we have fully up-to-date General Liability Insurance and current Workers Compensation Insurance. The first protects against the costs of any damage to customers’ property and health, heaven forbid. Workers Compensation Coverage means that if any of our operatives working on your property are injured, the insurer pays the costs of recovery rather than the home-owner.

So when assessing competing estimates, always ask to see the tree service company’s Certificates of Insurance for General Liability and Workers Compensation. We are never offended by such a request. If competing tree removal companies display offence, irritation or excuses, then we recommend you avoid them. This is because they are likely to be uninsured. An uninsured tree removal company puts your own wallet at risk because there’s a distinct possibility that you, as home-owner, will shoulder the financial burden of mishaps or injuries taking place on your property.

Will My Home Insurance Cover The Cost Of Tree Removal?

Depending on the type of plan you have, insurance will typically cover tree debris removal costs, but not in all cases. It’s always a good idea to call your insurance company and get an idea of what type of tree work they will cover and up to what costs.

Say, for example, a tree has fallen onto your house. Usually, an insurance company will agree to pay ‘reasonable and customary’ charges for the tree to be removed and your property made safe and habitable. We advise you to get two or three quotes even if a disaster happens late at night. And definitely keep all invoices, receipts and related paperwork to increase your chances of a full payout.

Your insurer will also want to prevent an expensive disaster if at all possible. So if a large tree is leaning dangerously towards your property then they will probably agree to pay the ‘reasonable and customary’ costs of removal. We suggest that you talk to your insurer company now and agree a way forward with them, before the next storm hits.

Tree Removal Cost Near Me in Orange County CA

We keep our tree removal prices affordable for residents across Orange County because we have worked and lived here for the last 20 years. We are family-owned and operated and pay no franchise or license fees to head offices elsewhere. Call us and we’ll quote you happy.

OC TreeWorx’ Service Area Covers All Cities of Orange County, CA