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Solid 5 Star Reviews
– When Removing Trees Is The Only Option
– 20 Years’ Tree Service Experience
– We Remove Trees Carefully In This Way
– Tree Cutting Techniques
– Affordable Removal Cost
– Top 9 Reasons For Residential Tree Extraction
– Tree Removal Near Me? Yes, If You Live In These Orange County CA Cities

Solid 5 Star Reviews

Customer delight is at the center of everything we do. We are honored and proud of the recognition from those we serve in Orange County. No matter where you look, we are rated a full 5 stars by happy customers. Here you can see no less than 12 Five Star reviews posted on Google.

Here’s another 18 Five Star ratings from customers on Yelp:

And another one on Angie’s List, taking the published total to over 30 Five Star Ratings

Proof positive that we put our customers first. OC TreeWorx can be relied upon to do professional work on your property whatever the problem with your tree.

Call us for a very affordable quotation. We’ll quote you happy!

When Removing Trees Is the Only Option

We love to plant young whips, to help them grow and to protect them from disease. In the right conditions, trees can live for many human generations. But sometimes tree removal is absolutely essential despite applying all appropriate tree care remedies.

Your tree is a living being and can struggle to thrive in a built environment. In urban forestry settings, trees can easily become polluted, diseased and damaged. They can easily be starved of water and nutrients when their roots are paved over.

A recent review of 11 separate studies into urban tree longevity showed that the mean life expectancy of a street tree is only between 19 and 28 years. It could be even worse than this.

Fragility of Urban Trees

Another major field study into the health of an urban forest in a major Southern city was published in 2016. It showed that fully 11% of all urban trees there were either dead or dying. Adverse road ecology plays a role here with tree health badly affected by exhaust fumes and soil compaction over time. Urban development with trees in mind can really help to improve the livability of the environment. For example, reducing the urban heat island effect is a sustainable approach to urban planning.

But poorly planted saplings will not survive for long as the above studies remind us. Lack of care when planting often leads to girdling roots. This strangles the tree’s ability to transfer fluids to and from the root system.

So cutting down tree and starting again is sometimes necessary.

20 Years’ Tree Service Experience in Orange County, California

The professional tree removal service of OC TreeWorx can help with the renewal of the urban, suburban and rural forest. When a tree is removed, it liberates a prime planting spot for a new tree with stronger prospects.

Our family-owned local tree company is 15 years’ strong. OC TreeWorx’s owner, Manuel U., has gained another 5 years’ of tree removing and tree trimming skills.

Our Trained Crew

Our arboricultural expertise is supported by a trained crew with even more years behind them. This includes certified arborists on staff. As a result, we sincerely believe that we are one of the best local tree service companies in all districts and cities in Orange County, California.

OC TreeWorx have remained in business for 15 years and so gained multi-year tree service experience. We have achieved this through a relentless focus on the complete satisfaction by residential and business customers with our tree work.

We Remove Trees Carefully This Way

Tree cutting is an essential part of our residential tree service. We pride ourselves on doing it well for both our local home-owner and commercial clients.

We take a systematic, safe approach to remove tree. The steps we take are predictable, customer-friendly and arranged ahead of time. They include:

  • Listening to the Customer
  • Understanding Technical Removal Challenges (if needed)
  • FREE Quotation to Remove Tree
  • Always Offer An Affordable Price
  • Turning up for agreed appointments on time
  • Protection and Respect for Your Property and for Your Personal Safety
  • Taking Care To Avoid Power and Telephone Lines
  • Cutting tree branches the Right Way
  • Full Protective Gear Worn To Protect Workers and Customers
  • Zero Contact removal of all cut logs, branches, twigs and leaves
  • Tidy lot when finished
  • Ensure Customer’s Complete Satisfaction

We’ll also give you an idea how long the job will take. With us, you get a safe, predictable service.

We can of-course remove more than one tree at a time. Our related, multiple tree removals service is worth detailing separately.

Tree Cutting Techniques

We use several felling methods to cut down trees. Here are the main 8:

1. Conventional Face Cut
2. The Bore Cut
3. The Sizwill
4. The Humboldt
5. Open Face Notch
6. Back Cut First
7. Gapped Face
8. Pulling Over With Rope!

Each has its own merits in specific cut down tree situations. For example, we choose the Humboldt Cut when a high stump is needed. If a customer wants a high stump, could be that he wants to push it over with an excavator and needs the extra leverage. This is a rare request, for sure, but not unknown.

Other Benefits of the Humboldt Cut

  • a hinge which helps guide the best direction of fall with the tree
  • favors the bottom end of the cut tree hitting the ground first. This helps to prevent the tip and top branches from digging into the ground when felled.
  • leaves a square end to the cut log for ease of turning into lumber

Each cutting method has its pros, cons and suitability for different scenarios at the customer’s property. We use our judgment, knowledge and experience to select the most appropriate cutting trees method. The way we choose is 3-fold:

i). The safety of all people nearby and crew is paramount.
ii). Reduction of risk of property damage to the minimum
iii). Maximizing efficiency of our operations

Our closely-related tree cutting service is detailed separately here.

Emergency Tree Service

We also have a rapid response service for situations where your tree is causing a hazard to the individuals or property or your community. In such circumstances, some tree permit procedures to remove trees can be fore-shortened and other work re-scheduled. We can help with most urgent tree matters.

Fully Insured Tree Cutting Service

We have full insurance coverage including General Liability and also Workers Compensation Insurance. That way, you’re not at risk in the unlikely event of an accident happening on your property. We are also happy to work with your insurer where permissible under the terms of your domestic insurance coverage. Usually, if there’s a dangerous tree in your yard, it will usually be in the financial interests of both the insurer and insured to expedite its removal with the minimum of delay. We can even invoice the insurer direct for the work involved, where appropriate.

Affordable Removal Cost

We offer an unbeatable 5 star removal service at a 2 star price. However, please bear in mind that your residential tree cutting cost will depend on a variety of factors. These include ease-of-entry, species, height, breadth, presence of disease and hazard level. We offer economical removal solutions which are insured and safe.

Our separate page here details the average removal costs for small, medium and large specimens in your OC city. The price range for each tree size is wide due to the factors listed above. We will give you a free estimate at the lowest level possible. This is because we want your business and to grow our reputation as a trusted local business steadily over time.

How to Tell If Your Tree Needs To Be Removed

Some indicators of a tree’s health are obvious and some are hidden. More obvious is the overall condition of your tree compared to its age and expected rate of development. A leaning specimen can indicate trouble too. Evidence of fungal infestation will prove there’s dead wood present.

But how can you tell if your tree is dangerously hollow and weak? Our trained arborist along with tools such an increment borer and sounding hammer will usually reveal all. We have these tools as well as more advanced electronic devices to show what’s ailing your tree on the inside.

Top 9 Reasons For Residential Tree Extraction

Goldspotted Oak Borer
Courtesy of Mike Lewis, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

1. Storms

Windy weather of any type can occasionally result in severe damage to your trees. A down tree which has fallen as a result of weather rarely falls in the most convenient or safe space. As such it needs removed and the property made good of damaged. 

2. Premature Ageing

In suburbia and similar urban settings, your tree can easily age before its time. They often suffer from an accumulation of damage over time from abiotic stress caused by drought, mowing machine damage, string strimmer accidents, bad pruning and reckless tree trimming (see point 8. below).

3. Tree Predators

The vascular system of trees is a great food source for those predators that can access it. The xylem tissue of each tree carries sugars, amino acids and organic nutrients that attract burrowing insects and nibbling animals alike. Two beetles, both harmful to trees, have recently been added to the array of insects predating on trees in Orange County. These are the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB) and the Goldspotted Oak Borer (GSOB), respectively. PSHB triggers fungal infections and death of avocado trees and a wide range of other tree species. GSOB (pictured above) is a major threat to Orange County’s oak trees. GSOB has already killed 80,000 oak trees in neighboring San Diego County. More details on the OC Public Works site here.

4. Disease

Biotic stress caused by fungal, bacterial cankers and viral infections will soon affect the structural integrity of your tree. early signs can include leaf die-back and holes or staining of the trunk bark. If the disease has weakened the tree beyond cost effective treatment, OC TreeWorx can quickly deal with the problem through safe removal. Arboricultural treatments can work well in some cases and can be a more cost-effective solution than removing a tree with early signs of damage. We have arborists on staff that can assess the health of your tree in these marginal situations.

5. Physical Danger

Your trees have become hazardous to people or property or both. Perhaps they have overgrown a sidewalk or road. Or they may have simply become too large for their current location. Large specimens can easily damage the foundations of buildings if not the service pipes and utilities leading to them if not planted properly. Best to call in us, your local tree removers, for a surprisingly affordable cost estimate.

6. Heavy Shade

We love the shade in Orange County, especially in summer. Some say that we don’t have enough healthy shade trees in Orange County. However, shade caused by heavily overgrown trees can inhibit the growth and greening of underlying grass and shrubs. If tree trimming is not a workable solution, the tree needs to be replanted or removed. In which case, call for our tree cutting services.

7. Land/Property Development

The trees on your property could compromise your planned development or renovation plans. In this case, our tree felling skills can give your architect a better canvas upon which to draw your property dreams. Be aware that you may need a permit from your city or municipality prior to any removal, especially if they are native or protected species. Often, code requires mature trees to be replaced or re-sited.

8. Bad Tree Trimming Practice

Heavy-handed chainsaw use by inexperienced operators often cause a decline in the long term health of your trees. How? Because replacement growth is fleshy and weak and results in more problems ultimately. For example, open wounds can invite decay and tree pests infestation to the inside of your tree. Over-pruning can also lead to breakage of new tree growth. Tree removing becomes inevitable and is best completed as early as possible so the tree can be replaced with a new or replanted specimen.

9. Leaning Trees

Your tree could be leaning over at a dangerous angle. This could point to serious problems in the structural integrity of your tree. Lean is one of the more obvious signs that demand early and safe removal.

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Tree

Even your favorite, healthy tree can grow into a hazard if it becomes too large in the wrong place. For example, those growing too close to buildings, utility services and underground drainage pipes will all cause expensive damage to property. Our tree cutting service will be the only workable solution even though transplantation sometimes works. It can be an agonizing decision to make but in the end removing a tree can be the only option that’s sensible.

Additional Tree Services Available from OC TreeWorx

As well as being a professional tree removal company, we also offer these tree services:

palm tree extraction
palm tree trimming
tree pruning
tree trimming
– residential tree care

Call us for a FREE quotation for all your tree care needs TODAY.

Tree Removal Near Me? Yes, If You Live In These Orange County CA Cities

When searching for local tree companies near me, bear in mind that we remove trees for customers in cities and neighborhoods across the breadth of Orange County. This is our service area and we are based in Anaheim.

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