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Affordable Palm Tree Removal Prices

The height of your palm tree is the main factor driving the cost of our palm removal work. Moreover, heights of different species at different stages of maturity can vary wildly. Therefore, palm removal costs can range between $150 and $1200. Because of the complex mix of palm height, condition, species and access to the work site, it’s best to call us for a more accurate cost estimate. When you call, we may ask for a photograph of your tree or a quick Facetime video of your palm tree. We do this occasionally for zero-contact purposes and if an immediate visit to your property is not possible.

As you can see from our 36 x 5 Star online reviews, we are known as providing excellent value for our palm tree service. This is because our prices are affordable. Here’s proof of the great value for money we provide our customers:

Proof of Affordable Palm Tree Removal

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OC Treeworx Are Professionals in Removing Palm Trees

We don’t cut corners when we cut palms. We have 20 years’ total experience in the tree service industry in Southern California. During this time, we have removed thousands of palms for various reasons in all areas of Orange County.

We have worked on hundreds of palm tree species in Orange County over the last 20 years. Therefore, we have been able to compile a summary of the main palm species we are asked to remove locally. Furthermore, we describe the 7 main reasons why we remove customers’ palm trees. And finally, we describe the top 3 palm tree diseases in Orange County that we often see in customers’ yards.

Our extensive, practical knowledge means that OC Treeworx undertakes every palm removal job expertly and professionally. And we always clean up after ourselves. As a result, we have earned 36 x 5 star reviews across Google, Angi and Yelp from happy OC customers.

OC Treeworx has 21 x 5 Star Reviews on Yelp

OC Treeworx has 21 x 5 Star Reviews on Yelp. Here’s the most recent 2.

Our Palm Removal Service

a. Free quotation, remotely via Facetime or after a visit

b. Turn up at the site on time to remove palm

c. Safety assessment to eliminate damage to both person and property. Establish proximity of utility lines underground.

d. Trained staff perform our licensed and insured removal service with safety considerations in mind. Well-maintained equipment is used for maximum efficiency and safety.

e. Remove palm stump after trunk felled.

f. Tidy up site of all palm tree debris

We Remove Palm Trees of All Types in Orange County, CA

There is an amazing range of palm trees in Orange County, California. However, of all the 200 species of palm that we can grow here in SoCal, our only native specimen is the Californian Fan Palm.

The tall, slim Mexican Fan Palm Tree also grows well here even though it’s an import from Mexico.

Another species we are used to removing is the mighty Queen Palm.

Other species have begun to be planted in greater numbers such as the Bismarck Palm with its striking blue-silver color. We are also seeing more Miraguama Palma (tidier version of the Mexican fan palm).

Over the last 20 years, OC TreeWorx has removed thousands of sick or dying palms, unfortunately for the owners. We always recommend a suitable replacement palm after any palm tree cutting work.

7 Reasons Why We Remove Palm Trees

1. Disease

We see many diseases that affect palms in Orange County. We outline three of the ’worst offenders’ below. Once infected, your palm is doomed unless you start a maintenance program. The palm program must center on managing soil condition, water management and careful trimming. Even then, the fungus will always be present in your palm waiting for you to drop your guard.

OC TreeWorx removes diseased trees with great care to avoid distributing spores of the infection to your healthy trees.

2. Fire Risk

If your palms are planted too close together i.e. less than 30 feet apart and are not regularly maintained, fire could spread rapidly from palm to palm like a series of explosive torches. Removal of the dry brown thatch that forms under the green palm is more cost-effective than removing or moving the whole tree. So in this scenario, we recommend our affordable palm tree trimming service.

3. Proximity to Power Lines

The same fire risk is amplified many times over if your palm trees are sited next to power cables/lines. In these situations, never remove a palm yourself. This is because electrocution is common even amongst workers in the tree care industry.  In fact, 1982 saw 53 properties destroyed by a palm tree in one of California’s most severe urban fires. It happened in Anaheim and the incident made 1300 people homeless. The serious blaze took place when an untidy palm tree came into contact with a street light electric wire. The dry palm fronds were set ablaze. Then flames spread to nearby properties. Removal might be necessary but in most cases regular palm tree maintenance will reduce the fire risk.

4. Maintenance Burden

Perhaps the annual frond trimming is becoming too expensive or too dangerous to handle by you. OC Treeworx has a solution here: an annual palm tree maintenance plan, agreed in advance, could reduce the cost burden and so avoid a removal.

5. Storm Damage

Most of the time, palm trees can withstand a stiff breeze. However, the likelihood of damage increases when a palm is not maintained regularly. Untrimmed palm fronds give a bigger ‘sail’ effect which can knock a palm out of position or completely over sometimes. Hail is not unknown in Orange County; a severe downpour and brief freeze can damage fronds and the all-important central growing ‘spike’ beyond repair.

6. Utility/Sewer Pipe Obstruction

South California’s usually-arid climate can lead palm roots to seek out any moisture they can. Clay drainage pipes can suffer damage from the incursion of palm roots. As a result, the removal of your palm tree becomes the only viable option.

7. Water Mismanagement

Despite their preference for warm climates, palm trees still need plenty of water to thrive and survive. If a drought occurs or if irrigation is turned off, your palm tree will die of thirst eventually. In such cases, removal is necessary until a water supply can resume. Over-watering can flood and suffocate the palm root ball by reducing access to oxygen. Even partial flooding can trigger a slow death by allowing fungi and other diseases to invade a weakened palm.

Top 3 Palm Tree Diseases in Orange County, CA

The three most prolific palm tree diseases in Southern California are Pink Rot, Diamond Scale and Fusarium Wilt. Furthermore, the fungal spores that can kill your palm are easily spread, especially when disturbed in a removal operation. OC TreeWorx’ 20 years experience of working with palms means that we can reduce the spread of disease to your neighboring trees.

i). Palm Disease Name: Pink Rot

Palm Trees Affected:  Queen Palm, Mexican Fan Palm and California Fan Palm, most palms in Southern California in fact.

What is it?  Fungal infection

Visible symptoms: Mishapen/ rotten fronds, large patches of salmon-colored/ pink fungal spores on surface.

Remedy:  Correct stress on palm caused by mechanical injuries or poor location, fungicides can buy some time. Take care of root zones, only use professional trimmer, preventative care. If poor location is the problem, consider removal and and/or replacement with a more suitable species.

ii). Palm Disease Name: Diamond Scale

Palm Trees Affected: California Fan Palms (Washingtonia Filifera) and California/Mexican Fan Palm hybrids

What is it?  Fungal infection

Visible symptoms:  Black spots scattered on fronds developing into diamond-shaped shiny fungal fruiting bodies. Infected palms have c50% the number of green fronds than do healthy specimens.

Remedy:  Chemical treatment with fungicide if caught early enough

iii). Palm Disease Name: Fusarium Wilt

Palm Trees Affected:  Canary Island Palms

What is it?  It’s a fungus that blocks the palm’s vascular tissues. This leads to reduced water uptake, wilt of fronds and death.

Visible symptoms:  Black or dark brown streaks on petioles and leaves. Fronds turn brown and lose structural rigidity and start going limp (wilt). Fewer number of viable leaves visible on plam.

Remedy:   No known cure. Mature, healthy Canary Island Palms can cost up to $25,000 to replace. Therefore, preventative techniques and maintenance are vital. Avoid planting in water-logged soils/ poor drainage. 

More details in this advisory note from University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources extension. It includes a list of (mainly) disease-resistant palm types that you may wish to consider if replacing an infected or dying tree.


Save My Palm Tree Instead Of Removing It

There are many instances where removal is not the automatic option. For example:

– Most tree diseases are treatable IF caught early.

– We can manage tree pest problems to reduce damage.

– Poor soil nutrient levels can be corrected.

However, if you’re tree is dead, it cannot be saved.

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