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Tree Service and Bucket Lift
Tree Service and Bucket Lift

Tree Service Meaning

This is the provision of selected tree care methods, services or solutions to help customers manage problems affecting their tree (or trees). Examples of these services include tree removal, emergency tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and regular tree maintenance. The term is also used as shorthand to describe a business set up to provide these services to residential, commercial, municipal, state or federal customers.

OC TreeWorx based in Anaheim of Orange County is just such a business. As well as what we do, we also believe that how we make our customers feel is vital. As a result, we have been honored with more than 60 x 5 Star Reviews on Google and Yelp as at May 2022.

OC Treeworx’ Professional Tree Services Include…

There are six main areas of tree help for customers living in all cities and communities of Orange County, California:

1. Tree Removal Service

Your home, buildings and yard are both respected and protected whenever we are invited onto your property to cut and remove your trees. As one of Orange County’s favorite local tree removal companies, you can rely on OC TreeWorx for a great service at affordable prices. More details of our professional tree removal service are outlined here. We are also set up to remove multiple trees at one site through our related trees removal service.

2. Palm Tree Removal Service

In Orange County, California, the palm tree is a breathtaking part of our landscape. Unfortunately, there are times when we have to remove these trees for both residential and commercial customers. We go into the details here. Call us from the number mentioned on our affordable palm tree removal page.

3. Tree Trimming Service

With our 20 years of trimming experience, we will carefully prune your trees to ANSI A300 American standards so your prized tree remains strong and healthy. We won’t cut away more than 25% of the canopy in any one growing season; less if it’s a large tree. Check out more details of our tree trimming service.

4. Palm Tree Trimming Service

You don’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry trimming your palm trees. They’re valuable! For example, a mature, healthy Canary Island Palm can cost up to $25,000 to replace. For your annual palm tree tidy-up, we recommend that you only choose an experience local trimmer. OC TreeWorx has been serving Orange County customers for more than 15 years. Add the owner’s previous tree work in Southern California brings the total up to 20 years’ experience. This is a great sign of a quality trees service here in OC, especially coupled with over 35 Five Star online ratings by happy customers. We explain our palm trimming service in more detail here.

5. Tree Cutting Service

This is broadly the same as tree extracting and tree pruning. A lot of folks in OC are familiar with the expression – tree cutting service – and we like to use it too. More information here.

6. Tree Maintenance Services

With a certified arborist on staff, we are qualified to provide a regular healthcare service for your prized specimen tree/s. As a professional tree care company, we can help save a tree from removal. Regular attention can reduce harmful tree pests and keep your trees looking at their best.

We’re happy to provide you with a FREE cost estimate for all three aspects to our professional tree cutting and care service. Call OC TreeWorx today on (714) 294-0511 or use the button below on your mobile device:

Our Six Customer Service Pillars

Our roots lie in arboricultural best practice. This gives us the tree skills and knowledge to fuel our passion which is customer service. We stand by the quality of our tree work, of-course. However, we also provide our customers in Orange County the special attention that they and their yards deserve. We’re a locally-owned, professional tree service company that values integrity and fairness in all dealings with customers.

OC TreeWorx’ 6 Service Pillars

We’ve been practicing making customers happy for 20 years now. We pride ourselves on getting it right nearly all the time. Thankfully our customers agree and have given us more than 30 solid 5 Star online reviews since we began recording them. The secret to our service success is 6-fold:

  1. Go The Extra Mile. We never leave a customer without tidying up after us. We ask whether they are happy with the work and whether she needs or expected anything else from our visit.
  2. Offer A Great Value Service – As an independent local firm, we do not have expensive franchise payments and keep our overheads as modest as possible. This means we can give a great value, low cost service to our customers. We make that our work protects our customer’s property and their health.  We follow both OSHA and CDC guidelines.
  3. 20 Years’ Experience to become familiar with local tree species in Orange County. This helps us get the job done right first time without causing damage or concern when working.
  4. Fully Insured, licensed and bonded to operate in all cities of OC and the rest of California.
  5. The Tools and Machinery to be both safe and effective at your property. Whether your tree work needs cranes, bucket trucks or woodchippers we can access it all, even down to the simplest handsaws.
  6. Keeping Everyone Safe. That includes our customers and workers alike. Our approach applies both to mitigating occupational risks doing what we do and also to the current pandemic. We follow CDC advice to reduce risk of viral transmissions and OSHA practices to reduce risk of harm to people and property during our work.

We give all our customers the same level of professionalism, courtesy and quality help and care for their trees.

64 x 5 Star Reviews By Happy Customers

Customer delight is at the core of all that we do. We are blessed with recognition from the customers we serve in Orange County. No matter where you look, we are rated a full 5 stars. Here you can see no less than 39 Five Star reviews posted on Google (counted May 2022) .

As you can see, customers especially value the professionalism and value-for-money aspects of our tree services.

Here’s a further 25 Five Star customer ratings on Yelp.

39 Google Reviews and 25 Yelp Reviews equals a total of 64 solid 5 Star Reviews from customers in Orange County, California. And climbing!

Affordable Tree Cutting Service Cost

ur prices are reasonable and affordable. Here at OC TreeWorx, we prefer being busy. So, we’ll provide you the absolute best price we can to secure your business. Any time you are weighing up fees from competing firms, be sure to assess whether your chosen service provider possesses the insurance policies in order to provide protection to themselves, your home, your wallet and even your neighbor’s house just in case of any type of accidental damages or, heaven forbid, accidents to staff members.

Our approximate removal prices are detailed here. Similarly, the average tree removal cost we charge for small, medium and large trees are indicative. Kindly remember that every tree and its location, accessibility and condition etc. are different.

OC TreeWorx’ average tree trimming cost paid by customers over the last 3 years are summarized here. They’re super affordable. More than 30 satisfied customers agree. This is because they’ve recorded their 5* online reviews of our tree work for them.

Best call us for a more precise quotation for your tree to be sure. Click on the button below.

Orange County’s Wonderful Native Trees

Despite the profusion of palm trees nowadays, none were mentioned as native to Orange County in 1936 by Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens. In the light of poor municipal ordinance on the topic, many of the species are under threat and have no legal protection. OC TreeWorx loves caring for native tree species and, where possible, we encourage our customers to plant OC’s native species. This is because they’re well-adapted to Southern California’s arid climate and tree pest flora. This will help create a more viable urban forest canopy to reduce pollution, reduce water usage and reduce temperatures by tackling the ‘heat island effect’ in OC’s built environments.

(Source: Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in 1936)

The 1936 list in full

Knob-Cone Pine (Pinus Attenuata)
Coulter or Big Cone Pine (Pinus Coulteri)
Big Cone Spruce (Pseudotsuga Macrocarpa)
Tecate Cypress (Cupressus Forbesi)
California Juniper (Juniperus Californica)
Fremont Cottonwood (Populus Fremonti Pubescens)
Black Cottonwood (Populus Trichocarpa)
Goodding’s Black Willow (Salix Gooddingi)
Red Willow (Salix Laevigata)
Arroyo Willow (Salix Lasiolepis)
Southern Californian Black Walnut (Juglans Californica)
White Alder (Alnus Rhombifolia)
California Live Oak (Quercus Agrifolia)
Golden Cup Oak a.k.a. Mountain Live Oak (Quercus Chrysolepis)
Scrub Sierra Live Oak (Quercus Wislizeni Frutescens)
Mesa Oak (Quercus Engelmanni)
Scrub Oak (Quercus Dumosa)
California Bay Tree (Umbellularia Californica)
California Sycamore (Platanus Racemosa)
Lemonade Berry (Rhus Integrifolia)
Toyon or California Holly (Photina Arbutifolia)
Sugar Bush (Rhus Ovata)
Big Leaf Maple (Acer Macrophyllum)
Red Heart (A Wild Lilac) (Ceanothiu Spinosus)
Madrone (Arbutus Menziesi)
Flowering Ash (Fraxinus Dipetala)
Leather Leaf Ash (Fraxinus Velutina Coriacea)
Elderberry (Sambucus Coerulea)

Are We An Essential Business?

We are often asked “Is a tree business considered an essential service?” Yes, we are an essential business. The recent U.S. Department of Homeland Security memorandum entitled: ‘Ensuring Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers ability to work during the Covid-19 response’ says that landscapers (includes tree care businesses like ours) are considered essential workers.

“Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, builders (including building and insulation),contractors, HVAC Technicians, technicians for elevators, escalators and moving walkways, landscapers, and other service providers who provide services, including temporary construction, that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, businesses and buildings….”

Full Homeland Security memo here:

Nonetheless, we do use effective mitigation efforts to eliminate the risk of spreading the COVID infection between workers and to customers.

Tree Service Near Me? Yes, if you live in these Orange County Cities

Whether you’re looking for tree removal near me, tree trimming near me or even tree experts near me, we have you covered and are happy to serve you in all cities and communities residing within Orange County, California.

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