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Professional Palm Tree Trimming Service
Professional Palm Tree Trimming Service

Palm Trees in Orange County Need TLC!

Here in SoCal, we are well-known for the many beautiful palm tree varieties planted and grown here. They’re part of our landscape.

But only one, the Californian Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera), is native to California. All the other palm species, including the solitary Coconut Palm in Newport Beach, are imported from Florida, Asia and Central & South America.

This means the majority of palms here need special care and attention in our warm but arid Southern Californian climate.

Soil conditions, root health, nutrients and water management are all important ingredients in the care of your palms. And palm tree trimming is vital too. OC TreeWorx offers a palm trimming service second-to-none in Orange County.

6 Reasons Why Professional Palm Tree Trimming Is Vital

1. Reduce fire risk

The untidy fringe of dead fronds hanging down the trunk from the crown is perfect tinder for a large, spreadable fire. California’s largest ever urban fire that took place in Anaheim in 1982 was caused by an untrimmed palm. Dry, unkempt palm fronds and electricity wires from street lamps are explosive bed fellows.

2. Increase your property value

A healthy, mature Canary Island Palm is valued at around $25,000. Healthy trees always increase the value of your home. In fact, Money magazine say that landscaping with trees gives a greater return than a kitchen refit! We can help your palms grow into valuable assets starting with a simple trim.

3. Reduce Risk of Harm to Owners

Palm fronds don’t look heavy as they sway casually in the breeze but they are very dangerous in specific circumstances. There are two problems; the first relates to dead palm fronds which can harm passers-by if a breeze. The second issue arises when you try to remove the leaves. There are many cases of even experienced tree workers getting suffocated when trimming fronds as they can pin a man easily to the trunk.

The solution is simple. Get a professional palm tree trimmer to do the work. OC TreeWorx will give you a no-obligation and free trimming quote fast.

4. Aesthetics

A palm in great condition is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. More of us now work from and well as live in our homes. So the quality of your home landscape is becoming even more important in your everyday life.

5. Disease Control

A regular palm trim can be a great way of having a trained tree professional spot early signs of disease before it’s too late.

6. Pest Control

Trimming keeps pests such as rodents (rats) and scorpions at bay by removing their habitat.

Compared with the significant benefits summarized above, the price of a bi-annual palm trim is very reasonable. This value is amplified by OC TreeWorx’ competitive rates.

Trust OC TreeWorx With Your Palm Trees. Why?

There are 5 clear reasons why your palms are in safe hands with OC TreeWorx:

i). 20 Years Trimming Experience AND amazing customer reviews

We’ve been in business in Orange County for 15 years and have 20 years’ palm tree trimming experience in total. You could say we’re as much a part of the OC landscape too. Our customers certainly think so. They have blessed us with solid 5 Star Reviews across online sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp and G o o g l e. Here’s some examples:

Angies List 5 Star Review
5 Star Online Reviews From Happy Customers
ii). Certified Arborists on Staff

We have certified arborists on staff so we can keep a professional eye on your palms for early (and preventable) signs of any disease. Fungus is the main killer of palms in Orange County. Fungal palm infections such as Pink Rot, DIamond Scale and Fusarium Wilt are the three most common palm diseases. We run through these diseases briefly separately here.

iii). Sterile Tools To Prevent Palm Disease Spread

We sterilize our palm trimming tools and so will not spread palm killing infections from site to site.

iv). Licensed & Insured

OC TreeWorx is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Ask to see our certificates. Our California State License # is: CSLB 845189

v). We Adhere to ANSI Palm Pruning Standards

We follow American National Standards (ANSI) A300 (Part )-2017 Pruning. This means we will not climb live palms with climbing spurs as they damage the trunk and allow infection to enter the tree. We also never over-prune your palm. This is because your palm tree re-absorbs essential nutrients from yellowing fronds to maintain vigor and healthy growth.

Sounds Good – But Can You Trim MY Palm Tree?

Yes. We serve all types of customers and property-owners across the breadth of Orange County, California. It doesn’t matter whether your palm tree is situated in La Habra in the north of the county or San Clemente in the south. We are ready to trim them all! You could own an apartment complex, an industrial building, a small home, a large home – we don’t discriminate!

OC TreeWorx has the manpower and tools to trim multiple palm trees at one site e.g. for a Home Owners Association (HOA) or a gated community. And a great track record in the county too…

Solid 5 Star Yelp Reviews

What Can I Expect from OC TreeWorx?

  1. A fair and reasonable quotation for the palm trimming work
  2. We always turn up on time for agreed appointments
  3. Friendly, respectful and competent crew
  4. Protection for your landscaping – many of our customers have other, valuable plants in their yard.
  5. No ‘hurricane-cuts’ which means we never over-trim your palm
  6. Completely dead palm fronds and petioles (leaf stem) removed carefully
  7. Fruit and flowers removed at the owner’s request
  8. Free health care advice for your palm and your other trees whilst in situ.
  9. A tidy yard after we have finished the trimming work

Palm Tree Trimming Cost

No two trimming jobs are the same so it’s impossible to publish a fee schedule. However, the cost of palm pruning is largely dependent on the height of your palm. Then the number of palms to be trimmed is a factor – the more palms there are, the lower the unit cost. It’s best to call us for an accurate and FREE quotation – just click on one of the blue buttons on this page if you are viewing this page on a mobile phone.

You can tell from our 5 Star reviews that we want you to call us again. So you can be assured of a great price for the work.

Our Related Tree Services

We also provide OC residents and businesses with the following professional tree services:

palm tree removal
– other tree removal
– general tree trimming
– professional tree cutting
– expert tree pruning
– arborist services e.g. tree disease control, tree fertilization, root aeration

When Should I Trim My Palm Trees?

Spring is the best time to get your palms trimmed. Here’s why.

Palms like it hot! They grow well in summer. They don’t as well in wintertime. So we say wait until Spring before you get your palm trimmed. Those dead fronds can actually keep the palm trunk warm in winter.

Two other seasonal factors are worth considering. The fire season in SoCal runs from May through October. So it’s best if those highly flammable dry fronds are removed beforehand i.e. Spring/late Spring.

If you have flowering trees as well as palms on your property, the best time for pruning these is straight after they flower (and the flowers have disappeared) i.e. late Spring. One trip out to your home or business will be less expensive than two. So get your palms and flowering trees trimmed at the same time, we say. Again late Spring-time makes sense arboricultural as well as economically.

Palm Tree Care Advice

There’s no better tree care advice than from a trained, experience tree trimming professional physically looking and feeling the tree in question. The tree pro must also value the trust of his/her customers and the health of their trees. Over-zealous pruning will harm the customer’s tree and harm the future income prospects of the tree trimming company too. So here at OC TreeWorx, we only advocate moderate, prudent palm pruning.

So call us for palm care advice as well as your palm tree trimming requirements.

If you don’t choose OC TreeWorx, then feel free to refer to an excellent palm care guide published by the clever boffins at the University of California, Agriculture & natural Resources Division. It’s available here.

Licensed & Bonded & Insured to Serve Your City in Orange County

We will trim your palm trees wherever they are in Orange County California. OC TreeWorx is based in Anaheim. However, we cover all communities, cites and villages throughout the county. Our License Number is CSLB 845189.

OC TreeWorx’ Service Area Covers the Whole of Orange County, CA