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Tree Removals In Action

  • 20 years’ Tree Removals Experience in Orange County, CA
  • 100% Commitment to Customer Service
  • 31 x Five (5) Star Reviews By Happy OC Customers
  • Great Value & FREE Quotes
  • Zero-Contact Service For Your Protection
  • Fully Licensed & Bonded
  • Fully Insured Service Incl. Workers Compensation
  • Your Yard Left Clean & Tidy
  • Affordable Tree Removal Services

How Are Your Trees?

With two whole decades of tree care experience behind us, call us in to have a look at the health of your trees. We’ll help you decide whether they need removal, a trim, replacing, fertilizing or attention to pests or nutrient mineral deficiencies. Tree removals are a core part of our business but our versatility brings other arboricultural solutions to our customers’ yards.

How Would You Like Your Trees To Be?

Every property is unique as is the yard. Every customer has a specific idea as to what make a beautiful tree. Some prioritize large rambling shade trees, others prefer a more manicured look to their garden environment.

Whichever your priority, we can improve the health, look and safety of your trees.

How Can Tree Removals Improve Your Property?

OC TreeWorx offers removals as part of a range of tree care and tree removal services that keep your home safe and that enhance its curb appeal. According to the USDA Forest Service, a single large mature tree can add up to $10,000 to the value of your property.

So whether it’s tree trimming or straight removal, the trees on your property are worth looking after.

Our Exceptional Trees Removals Services

Our capabilities and services include the following:

  • Tree removals
  • Tree Limb Removal/ Tree Branch Removal
  • Preventative Tree Services e.g. Storm Readiness
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Clearing
  • Services Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming

As you can see, OC TreeWorx are not only highly-accomplished tree removers but also professional tree experts offering a full range of tree services. We like removing several trees at a time with our removals service. However, we can also remove individual trees for customers as described here.

Compare Us Against Other Tree Removals Companies

No matter which tree species grow on your property, OC TreeWorx will help keep your home or business looking great all year round. We think there are 6 solid reasons why you should us over other locally available tree removal companies:

1. 20 Years’ Experience. We are familiar with removing all local tree types and have the knowledge, safety training and heavy-duty equipment to make light work of your trees removal project.

2. Customer Service – 100% Commitment
.  Here at OC TreeWorx, we take pride in ensuring your complete satisfaction with our work. All 31 Five (5) star reviews (as at December 2020) on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List speak for themselves as proof of our commitment here. We aim to do the job right first time. But if something has gone awry we’ll always fix it until you are happy with the result.

5 Star Google Reviews From Happy Customers

3. Affordability.  Our customers wouldn’t be as happy leaving such glowing reviews if we charged too much for our work. So you can be guaranteed of affordable tree removals for the necessary work. We offer free tree removals estimates whether delivered by a FaceTime review of your trees or via photos or through a visit. You choose. Where relevant, we’ll also give you options to reduce the short term and long term costs of maintaining your trees in top condition.

4. Protecting Your Property and Health.  OC TreeWorx crew engage in social distancing and we always wear full protective gear whilst working. Ours is a zero contact service and even provide free estimates via photos or video chat apps on your phone. We also protect your lawn when we have no choice but to bring in heavy equipment.

5. Fully Insured.  We invite you to see our Certificates of Insurance for General Liability and Workers Compensation Coverage. We will never be offended if you ask.

6. Leaving Everything Neat & Tidy – After we have finished any tree removing, we always take away all cut branches, leaves and wood from your removed tree.

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Tree Removals Near Me?

Yes, if you live In any Orange County city or community.

OC TreeWorx’ service area covers the whole of Orange County and little beyond. We remove trees for customers in all cities from Artesia to Westminster. We have proudly listed all of them on this page until recently. Suffice to say, we have lived and worked in Southern California (mainly in Anaheim) for the last 20 years and know all the local communities and tree species of this great county.

OC TreeWorx serves customers in all Orange County cities and communities, CA